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DryHandy to SupraSingapore8000Closed30 Jun-17 Jul
BulkOn RequestChina Sea-South29000Open08 Apr-10 Apr
BulkOn RequestSouth China sea32000Open06 Apr-10 Apr
ROROROLO Open in SE Asia South East Asia5000Open28 Mar-30 Mar
BulkOn RequestSouith Africa53000Open02 Apr-03 Apr
BulkOn RequestSingapore Area53600Open02 Apr-02 Apr
BulkOn RequestSouth African53000Open07 Apr-10 Apr
BulkTBARED Sea52261Open23 Dec-30 Dec
Bulk M.V Blue Cat Java Sea56,956Open25 Dec-30 Dec
MultipurposeAAL KobeChina Sea-North31000Closed26 Jan-31 Jan
BulkWarnow MoonChina Sea-South32387Closed27 Jan-28 Jan
BulkAAL KemblaChina Sea-South31000Closed09 Jan-11 Jan
BulkPorthosGulf of Thailand34037Closed05 Jan-10 Jan
BulkAAL NewcastleChina Sea-South31000Closed03 Jan-08 Jan
BulkAAL NanjingChina Sea-South19000Closed28 Dec-29 Dec
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